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   FAQs (Frequently Asked Questions)

  •   From where can we download "Dalda Scholarship Form"?
    On the website click on the tab Scholarships then go to Scholarship form fill in the form and send it to the addresses mentioned

  •   What is the criteria to apply for "Dalda Scholarships"?
    On the website click on the tab Scholarships then go to Eligibility for Scholarship and read all about the criteria for scholarships.

  •   What are the benefits of"Dalda Scholarship"?
    On the website click on the tab Scholarship then go to What scholarship will offer you?

  •   How many times it is offered in an year?
    The scholarship will annual, after each years result.

  •   Whenn it was launched?
    This campaign was launched in 2010.

  •   What is the general instructions/rules for "Dalda Scholarships Test"?
    On the website click on the tab Scholarships and then go to Terms, Conditions, and Instructions.

  •   What are the deadlines for "Dalda Scholarship test"?
    On the website click on the tab News & Alerts and know the updated test/result/interview dates.

  •   Can students of 2nd year apply?
    Students of 2nd year can NOT apply.

  •   I have done my matriculation 3 years ago , can i apply for "Dalda Scholarships Test"?
    Those who have done their matric in the last TWO years can apply only. Matric pass candidates after more than two of matriculation cannot apply.

  •   Is their any leverage for Hafiz- e -Quran?
    For Hafiz-e-Quran there is NO leverage.

  •   Is their any leverage for orphans/disabled persons?
    For orphans, disabled, handicap people there is NO leverage.

  •   Is their any added benefit for position holders?
    Position holders do NOT get any added benfits or bonuses.

  •   Is their any leverage for Hafiz -e- Quran?
    For Hafiz-i-Quran there is NO leverage.

  •   What is the rule for students on Waiting list?
    If successful candidates are more than the specified quota then the remaining wait-listed students will be referred to the donors. If the donors and supporters want to fund their education, the candidate will be awarded a scholarship on their behalf.

  •   Is their any quota seats for females?
    No, quota seats for females or males. No discrimination is made based on gender biases.

  •   What s the maximum age limit to apply for Scholarship?
    Yes, 17 years is the maximum age limit.

  •   After having Scholarship , can i change my field of study in university?
    Yes, you can switch your subjects but within your field of study. For example, a science student can switch between medical and engineering. But a science student can NOT switch from science to arts/social science.

  •   Can i re-apply for the scholarship?
    You cannot re-apply. Once rejected, the decision is final.

  •   Can i do a part time job along with the scholarship?
    Yes, a candidate can take up a part time job after the scholarship, but they can NOT be a part of any other scholarship program.

  •   If my fees would be increased next year , would scholarship will also be increased?
    Yes, as the expenses rise the amount of the scholarship grant will also be increased.

  •   What are other rules besides this for Scholarship?
    If you give a false statement, and if you violate the terms and conditions, the scholarship will be terminated. For more information about Terms and conditions, on the website click on the tab Scholarships then go to Terms, conditions, and instructions.

  •   From whom i can consult for details?
    You can call/consult the consultancy firm, Fahim Abbasi students corner. Cell: 03138894447 , 03363351881 . For more information about contacting the consultancy firm click on Scholarships then go to Who can you consult?


" Dalda Scholarship 2013-14 Applications are Open "
Last Date to Apply is 20-NOV-2013.
If you want to have form via Email , Kindly mail us at "daldascholarships@yahoo.com" or Download from the website.


" Dalda Foundation Scholarship 2013-14 Applications Open "